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Differences from the games
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'''Pokémon Origins''' (Japanese: '''ポケットモンスター {{tt|{{j|THE ORIGIN}}|ジ・オリジン}}''' ''Pocket Monsters: The Origin'') is a miniseries that closely follows the plot of {{game|Red and Green|s}}. Aesthetically it is based on the artwork, sprites, and other minor elements from {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}} (and to a far lesser extent, {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}), as well as including some unique features, such as Blue's green jacket and [[Mega Evolution]]. It stars {{OBP|Red|Origins}} as the protagonist and {{OBP|Blue|Origins}} as Red's [[rival]].
The story is split into four episodes. It was first aired in Japan on October 2, 2013, airing in its entirety. The first episode premiered in English on [[Pokémon TV]] on November 15, 2013, with subsequent episodes following on November 18, 20, and 22, 2013; the episodes remained on Pokémon TV until December 2, 2013. All four episodes were released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on December 4, 2013. On January 30, 2014, the English dubs of all four episodes were [ made available] on the [[Hulu]] streaming service for the United States (although after April 2015, they became Hulu Plus-exclusive), along with [[Amazon Instant Video]]<ref></ref>. On May 28, 2014, the English dubs of all four episodes [ were released] on the {{wp|[[iTunes}}]] distribution service, available in {{wp|Standard-definition television|standard-definition}} (SD) and {{wp|High-definition television|high-definition}} (HD) formats. On September 13, 2016, the first English dubbed episode was uploaded to Pokémon's official YouTube account.<ref></ref>
==Differences from the games==
Although the mini-series is more faithful to the games than the main anime, there are still some differences, mainly to enhance the plot or due to time constraints.
* {{OBP|Red|Origins}} speaks (although he is also implied to speak in the games when talking to {{OBP|Copycat|character}}).
* The character dialogue is directly from Red and Blue when in the text boxes during the montages (such as the beginnings of Files 2, 3, and 4), but when actually spoken, it is retranslated.
* [[Pallet Town]] is much bigger.
* The two visits to [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] for the [[starter Pokémon]] and the [[Pokédex]] are combined in Origins. Thus, [[Parcel|Oak's Parcel]] is absent.
* Red andencounters Bluecertain firstwild battle on {{rt|1|Kanto}}, instead ofPokémon in Professorlocations Oak'swhere Laboratory.they Hecannot doesbe reference the lab battleencountered in Originsthe bygames, proposingsuch thatas he{{p|Caterpie}} and Red{{p|Spearow}} "testappearing outon [their] Pokémon" like in the games, but quickly changes his mind{{rt|1|Kanto}}.
*[[Brock]] meets Red and {{OBP|Blue|Origins}} first battle on Route 1, whereasinstead of in Professor Oak's Laboratory. He references the gameslab battle by proposing that he meetsand Red at"test theout [their] GymPokémon" like allin Generationthe Igames, Gymbut Leadersquickly exceptchanges [[Giovanni]]his mind.
*The [[GymBrock]] Trainersmeets doRed noton battleRoute 1, whereas in the games he meets Red at the [[Gym]], like all Generation I [[Gym Leader]]s except [[Giovanni]].
*[[Reina]] hasThe aGym biggerTrainers roledo not battle Red.
*There areA nominor {{tc|Channeler}}scharacter orbased anyon othera Trainersnameless NPC in the[[Mr. Fuji]]'s house, [[Reina]], Pokémonis Towerintroduced.
*The [[SilphThere Scope]]are isno obtained{{tc|Channeler}}s inor theany [[Pokémonother Tower]], instead ofTrainers in the [[RocketPokémon HideoutTower]]. However, a [[Team Rocket Grunt]] held it before {{OBP|Blue|Origins}} stole it from him.
*Blue helps Red inis shown to already own a {{p|Jolteon}} by the time he visits Pokémon Tower, despite having not yet visited [[Celadon City]], where he would obtain Eevee at [[Celadon Condominiums]].
* The [[MarowakSilph (ghost)|ghost MarowakScope]] is calmedobtained byin herthe childPokémon Tower, instead of in the [[Team Rocket Hideout|Rocket Hideout]]. However, a {{ptc|CuboneTeam Rocket Grunt}}, insteadheld ofit before Blue stole it from Redhim.
*Giovanni* The Rocket Hideout is theinstead encountered onlyafterwards Trainerin thata battlesflash Redback insidein SilphFile Co3.
*Giovanni usesBlue fewerhelps Red in the Pokémon Tower.
*Blue getsThe injured[[Marowak (ghost)|ghost Marowak]] is calmed by Mewtwoher child, {{p|Cubone}}, instead of Red.
*[[Mega Evolution]]Red's {{p|Haunter}} knows {{m|Shadow Punch}}, a [[MegaGeneration StoneIII]]s move, and it is [[KeyType/Type Stonechart#Generation I|effective]]s wereagainst all added in Pokémon[[Sabrina]]'s Origins{{p|Alakazam}}.
* Giovanni is the only Trainer that battles Red inside [[Silph Co.]] Also, Red loses against him.
* In the games, Blue leaves Red to defeat Team Rocket in Silph Co. In this special, he goes to inform the police, though only after being scolded by Red.
* The [[Master Ball]]'s production is put on hold, as opposed to Red being given one.
* Giovanni uses fewer Pokémon.
** This is referenced by him putting away his regular Gym Pokémon to battle Red with his two most powerful ones.
* In the games, Giovanni originally disbands Team Rocket because he does not wish to face his followers after losing to Red. In this special, he disbands them because he remembers his former love for Pokémon.
* One of the photos in the [[Hall of Fame]] includes a {{p|Slowking}}, a [[Generation II]] Pokémon.
* Blue goes to Cerulean Cave to catch {{p|Mewtwo}}, whereas in the game he does not go at all.
* Mewtwo knows {{m|Confusion}} instead of {{m|Psychic}}.
* [[Mega Evolution]], [[Mega Stone]]s, and [[Key Stone]]s were all added in Pokémon Origins.
{{cast|Kanto|Red (Origins)|List of English voice actors{{!}}Bryce Papenbrook|disp=Red|Red|List of Japanese voice actors{{!}}Junko Takeuchi|レッド|竹内順子|top=yes}}
{{cast|Kanto|Blue (Origins)|disp=Blue|Lucien Dodge|Green|List of Japanese voice actors{{!}}Takuya Eguchi|グリーン|江口拓也}}
{{cast|Kanto|Professor Oak|List of English voice actors{{!}}Kyle Hebert|Dr. Okido|List of Japanese voice actors{{!}}Katsuji Mori|オーキド博士|森功至}}
{{cast|Kanto|Brock|List of English voice actors{{!}}Johnny Yong Bosch|Takeshi|List of Japanese voice actors{{!}}Tomokazu Sugita|タケシ|杉田智和}}
{{cast|Kanto|Giovanni|List of English voice actors{{!}}Jamieson Price|Sakaki|List of Japanese voice actors{{!}}Rikiya Koyama|サカキ|小山力也}}
{{cast|Kanto|Reina|List of English voice actors{{!}}Christine Marie Cabanos|Reina|List of Japanese voice actors{{!}}Yui Ishikawa|レイナ|石川由依}}
{{cast|Kanto|Lance|List of English voice actors{{!}}Kirk Thornton|Wataru|List of Japanese voice actors{{!}}Tokuyoshi Kawashima|ワタル|川島得愛}}
{{cast|Kanto|Mr. Fuji|List of English voice actors{{!}}Kirk Thornton|Elder Fuji|List of Japanese voice actors{{!}}Minoru Inaba|フジ老人|稲葉実}}
{{cast|Kanto|MomMother|disp=Red's mom|List of English voice actors{{!}}Laura Post}}
{{cast|Kanto|Lass (Trainer class)|disp=Lass|Cristina Vee}}
{{cast|Kanto|Pokémon Center Nurse|Cristina Vee}}
{{cast|Kanto|Silph Co.#In the anime|disp=Silph Co. secretary|List of English voice actors{{!}}Erin Fitzgerald}}
==Official trailersTrailers==
==Background informationTrivia==
* Unlike the [[Pokémon anime|main anime]], all of the Pokémon make genericrealistic, animal-like noisessounds. However, these sounds were still dubbed over and recreated by English-language voice actors in the English dub.
* The sound effects and visual effects for [[Poké Ball]]s (such as when a Pokémon is being sent out) differ in comparison to the effects used in the main Pokémon anime, instead being more loyal to the gamegames. Another example is the three small stars that pop out of a Poké Ball when it has successfully caught a Pokémon.
==In other languages==
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==See also==
* [[Pokémon Generations]]
==External links==
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* [ Dengeki article] <small>(Japanese)</small>
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