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The first appearance was during ''[[EP145|A Farfetch'd Tale]]'', when {{TRT}} gets lost and hungry in the [[Ilex Forest]]. {{MTR}} smells food nearby and they find the small Ilex Forest shrine where two dumplings have been left. [[Jessie]] snatches one, Meowth the other, leaving [[James]] empty-handed. They spot a {{p|Farfetch'd}}—{{jo|Sylvester}}'s—wandering around, and knowing that it's very rare and valuable, plan to catch it and sell it to the highest bidder. After Team Rocket leaves, {{Ash}} and his friends come to the shrine, and Sylvester says it's a shrine to the spirit that watches over the forest. In order to find the lost Farfetch'd, they all run in different directions, and agree to meet back at the shrine in an hour.
Another shrine appears in the fourth movie, ''[[M04|Celebi: Voice of the Forest]]''. Although it isn't the same Ilex Forest shrine, it does contain the same qualities. It is found in the deepest part of the forest, and many people say that the shrine is linked to the legendaryMythical Pokémon, {{p|Celebi}}, who supposedly lives inside the forest shrine, as the forest guardian. The first time the shrine is seen is when [[Sam]] runs into it before {{OBP|Celebi|M04}} transports him into the future. The second time it appears is after he transports to the future.
The third shrine appears in ''[[SS013|Celebi and Joy]]'', when [[Ritchie]] and [[Sparky]] save a young girl Joy hanging from a cliff, and manage to save her and pull her back up with some help from her Rapidash. Joy explains that she saw some flowers that she wanted to pick for Celebi when she fell. She explains that legends say that a Celebi lives in this forest, and she thinks it's true. To prove it, she shows them a Celebi Shrine that was put up in the forest a long time ago. Later that night during a thunderstorm, Nick's father is informed that Joy ran into the forest. As Ritchie and Nick head out to look for Joy, they find her unconscious near the shrine. As a fire starts near them, a Celebi appears and protects them.