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Pokémon GL
==Pokémon GL==
The second variant of SP Pokémon were '''Pokémon {{SP|GL}}''', released in {{TCG|Rising Rivals}}. Pokémon {{SP|GL}} cards are classified as "Gym Leader's Pokémon" (this text replaces the Pokédex data in the illustration bar in the same manner ofas Galactic's Pokémon) and have an icon of the [[Gym Leader]] who uses them in the bottom-right corner of the illustration box. All Pokémon GL have "{{SP|GL}}" at the end of their name in order to differentiate them from other Pokémon. The level shown on all Pokémon {{SP|GL}} cards (excluding Pokémon {{SP|GL}} LV.X) are the same as their {{game|Platinum}} counterparts.
===Pokémon that have appeared as Pokémon GL===