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I'm Drake. I've been into Pokémon since the days of Yellow, but don't watch the anime anymore. My early work here consistsconsisted of minor error corrections, pointless trivia, and mostly editing wherever I find things to be done. MyLarger only large-scale edits have been [[List of Contest Opponents]] (the Gen 3 section) and, [[Trick House]], butand hey,Pokémon workConquest-related iscontent. work,I italso needsdo towork behere doneand allthere the I alsosee dothings athat bitneed of work with Pokémon Conquest-related contentdoing.
Completed games:
:Gen VI: X, Omega Ruby
Currently host a living Pokedex on Omega Ruby, sans Hoopa and Volcanion.
==Favorite Pokémon==