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* The [[Mad-Paced Getter|opening animation]] is updated to remove [[Ash's Sliggoo]] (whose spot in his roster is taken up by a {{AP|Noibat}}) and includes a new variation of scenes with the [[Gym Leader]]s [[Ramos]], [[Valerie]] and [[Olympia]], {{Ash}} meeting [[Alain]], a Noibat flying around before falling to the ground and then crying and Serena with her {{TP|Serena|Braixen}} and {{TP|Serena|Pancham}}, watching an {{p|Eevee}} dancing on a rocky platform at night.
* Similar to ''[[XY056|One for the Goomy!]]'', this episode contains a reference to ''[[EP070|Go West Young Meowth]]'': when Bonnie asks {{MTR}} how he learned to talk, Meowth is ready to tell her the story behind it, but she loses interest as soon as Meowth mentions that the story is long.
**This scene is also reminiscent of a [[AG022|previous episode]] where Max asked Meowth a similar question about his ability to talk and then proceeded to ignore his answer.