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Eterna Forest

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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Eterna Forest anime.png|thumb|220px|Eterna Forest in the anime]]
The Eterna Forest was first featured in ''[[DP030|Some Enchanted Sweetening]]'', where {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} meet [[Cheryl]], a treasure hunter in search of the [[Honey|Enchanted Honey]] that is said to lie within the [[Amber Castle]]. Cheryl catches a male {{TP|Cheryl|Burmy}} to help her in this quest, but {{TRT}} soon seize Burmy for their own plans. Ash, Cheryl and the group manage to rescue Burmy, which evolves into {{TP|Cheryl|Mothim}}. In ''[[DP031|The Grass-Type isIs Always Greener!]]'', Ash and the group help Cheryl search for the Amber Castle deep in the Eterna Forest, and meet [[Gardenia]], who challenges Ash to a battle. Gardenia wins, and decides to help the group search for a spot where she knows where {{p|Combee}} gather to form a Combee Wall. In ''[[DP032|An Angry Combeenation!]]''., {{Ash}}the group spot their first Combee Walls, and {{ashfr}}eventually navigatedmake ittheir withway Thethe [[Amber Castle]] iswith believedMothim's tokeen besense locatedof insmell. After defeating Team Rocket who were attempting to steal the EternaEnchanted ForestHoney, whichCheryl isreceives a placegift whereof Enchanted Honey for helping {{p|CombeeVespiquen}} createand [[honey]]the Combee.
==Trainer Tips==