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The {{pkmn|world|world of Pokémon}} is truly a wonder, the planet is filled with these [[Pokémon (species)|magnificent creatures]]. Some live in the sky, some live beneath the ocean, some travel the world, and some exist only in dreams. Many of these Pokémon live peacefully among humans[[human]]s, however some humans seek to exploit Pokémon for their own means. One of the Pokémon so desired is the legendary{{pkmn2|Legendary}} {{p|Groudon}}, coveted by the [[Villainous teams|villainous]] [[Team Magma]]. This story is about one man who went looking for Groudon, yet found something far more powerful that would make his wish come true...
Once every thousand years, the [[Millennium Comet]] is visible from earth for only seven nights... and now the time for it to appear among the stars has arrived again. {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} arrive at the location where a carnivalfestival is due to be held to celebrate the comet's arrival... but despite {{an|Brock}}'s guidebook guiding them to the correct spot, there's no sign of a park, or even anything but open plains. As it's late at night, everyone decides to get some sleep and resume the search the next morning.
During the night Pikachu wakes up when he hears trucks from a distance. It then wakes everyone up, as the workers are starting to erect tents for the carnivalfestival. A yellow pickup then parks on the side and a purple-haired man then come out with a briefcase. He then takes a magician stick and opens the briefcase. Pink balloons then magically come out of his briefcase, as he hit them with his stick. A woman then comes out with two fans and hit the balloons with them. Once all balloons are forming a circle, they pop up, and a huge tent is slowly created by the magician. Everyone stares in wonder at the magician, while Brock (of course) has his eyes on the woman. Soon the carnival isfestival erectedbegins, and it looks like a lot of fun.
====Day One of the Millennium Comet====
The day is spent by the gang enjoying the various rides and attractions of the carnival[[Millennium Festival]]. Team Rocket are naturally nearby, but don't have time to enjoy themselves as they've been put to work handing out flyers to everyone to announce 'The Great Butler's Magic Show' while disguised as clowns. Ash pick up one of the flyers, and [[Max]] notices that the flyer features the magician they saw last night, creating the tent. The gang decide to check the show out, thinking that if he can do a magic show as well as he can create a tent then they're in for a treat.
Soon, the gang are watching the show and it's turning out to be even better than expected. [[Butler]], the purple-haired magician, putting his white hat on an empty table. After creating a flock of {{p|Swablu}} out of thin air he then slaps the hat with his stick, and when he takes off the hat, a {{p|Kirlia}} suddenly appears! Butler then calls on his {{p|Mightyena}} for another trick. Butler seals back Kirlia, puts a red cloth over it, then burns it off. Out of the smoke comes [[Diane]], Butler's assistant, carrying a crystal. Brock applauds, declaring that Butler is amazing. Glowing rays come out of the crystal, and Max suddenly hears a voice. The voice tells him that 'it' is sealed inside the crystal. Max rushes to the scene, followed by Ash. Max tells Butler that he heard a voice from the crystal. Naturally Butler is surprised... but not too surprised. Butler then claims their arrival was in an impeccable timing for his next trick, the 'Burning Box'. [[Jessie]] and [[James]] (still disguised as clowns) then carry the box and put Ash and Max in it. Diane encourages them, and Butler tells the audience that Ash, Max and Pikachu are fellow magicians, and will escape the box before his {{p|Dusclops}} destroys it with {{m|Hyper Beam}}. Butler summons Dusclops, which slowly approaches the box. The entire audience are on tenterhooks, especially {{an|May}} and Brock. Dusclops then fires on the box but before it does so, Ash and Max are transported away by a machine under the stadium. Butler says not only did they vanish from the box, but also teleported to the entrance of the dome! The flashlights then show Ash and Max, and while Ash laps up the applause Max isn't sure what to do. May wonders if Ash and Max will tell her how they did the trick, while all Brock is hoping for is that he gets introduced to Diane.