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Is this trivia worthy?
::So, in conclusion, I would say that it is worth mentioning that Hoopa Unbound us unable to learn Dark Pulse by TM. --[[User:Super goku|Super goku]] ([[User talk:Super goku|talk]]) 02:48, 1 January 2016 (UTC)
:::Why is this bit of trivia necessary? If the TM Dark Pulse is not on the list of TM moves that Hoopa Unbound can learn, then I would think it would be obvious that it can't learn Dark Pulse by TM. So,Just itbecause issome inPokémon mycan opinionlearn thatlevel thisup bitmoves ofby triviaTM NOTas bewell includeddoesn't becausemean theALL factPokémon that it is not on theare listcapable of TM moves that. Hoopa Unbound can learn would make it obvious and therefore does not need to be pointed out.<br>{{unsigned|DarienLeonhart}}