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Landon (Groundbreakers 41)

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{{TFG Figure InfoboxTFGInfobox |
name=Landon |
imagejname=[[Image:Groundbreakers41.png]]<!--[[Image:Groundbreakers41.png|150px]]-->リクヤ |
fignumjtrans=41Rikuya |
setnumimage=42LandonGroundbreakers41.png |
setcaption=GroundbreakersSculpted by [[Nakazawa Hiroyuki]] |
type=TrainerTrainerBase |
rarityfigtype=<!--[[Image:rare_com.gif]]-->?Trainer |
set=Groundbreakers |
usfigno=41/42 |
{{TFGInfobox/Trainer|type=TrainerBase|trainer=Brendan|trainerlink=Brendan (game)}}
'''Landon''' (Japanese: '''リクヤ''' ''Rikuya'') is a figure from the {{TFG|Groundbreakers}} expansion of the [[Pokémon Trading Figure Game]]. It is one of nine figures from the expansion to be officially released before the cancellation of the TFG.
<brAs with clear="all"> {{TFG|Trainer figure}}s, Landon is used to determine the outcome of a {{TFG|Trainer card}} when it is played.
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The Landon figure is included in the {{TFG|Whirlwind}} one-player starter set.
* Landon is a recolor of the {{TFG ID|Next Quest|Brendan|41}} figure from {{TFG|Next Quest}}. Curiously, the colors used on this figure match those of the in-game attire of the character {{ga|Brendan}} in {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, whereas the Brendan figure itself is colored blue.
* "Landon" is one of the default names for Brendan as the [[player character]], unique to {{game3|Ruby and Sapphire|Pokémon Ruby|s}}.
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