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When the episode starts {{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{Tracey}} are traveling to [[Pallet Town]], they are all excited to be back, especially Tracey who is looking forward to meeting {{an|Professor Oak}} and can't wait to show him histhe many sketchbookssketches he drew as a [[Pokémon watcher]].
When Ash arrives home, Misty and Ash are surprised to see {{an|Brock}} waiting for them in the house. They are confused as to why Brock had left [[Professor Ivy]] back on [[Valencia Island]]. He gives no reason as to why he left and when Ash and Misty mention Professor Ivy, Brock falls to the ground shivering saying "Don't mention that name..." ominously. Misty theorizes that she dumped him. [[Delia Ketchum|Mrs. Ketchum]] arrives home and explains how Brock came here: She and [[Mimey]] found him on the ground in a grassland and took him home once she realizes who he was. Since then Brock has been helping around the house, with Brock fighting over the chores with Mimey.