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As Ash asks why the room won't stop spinning, a series of lights and sounds coming from some low windows nearby catches his attention. He crawls over and looks, and what he sees is a [[Pokémon battle]] between an identically dressed boy and girl ([[Tate and Liza]]) while a {{p|Baltoy}} is positioned at each corner of the room, four in total. Now ''very'' interested, Ash watches as Tate's {{p|Solrock}} and Liza's {{p|Lunatone}} both use {{m|Tackle}}, colliding in the middle of the field. Liza taunts her brother, saying that "he'll have to do better than that." Tate then tells Solrock to use {{m|Sandstorm}}, but it has no effect on Lunatone, causing Liza to remind him that Sandstorm doesn't work on other {{type|Rock}}s. She then tells Lunatone to use {{m|Psychic}}, which shoves Solrock backwards into the wall behind Tate. Tate then calls for a {{m|Solar Beam}} counterattack, which Solrock begins to charge. However, this is proven a mistake when Liza has Lunatone hit Solrock with Tackle, breaking its concentration. Tate then has Solrock fire the Solar Beam, but Liza has Lunatone counter with {{m|Ice Beam}}, and, after the two beams collide and clash for a bit, the Ice Beam prevails, as Solrock didn't absorb enough sunlight to fire a strong enough Solar Beam. Ripping through the Solar Beam, the Ice Beam subsequently {{Status|freeze}}s Solrock solid in a slab of ice.
[[File:Mossdeep Space Shuttle anime.png|thumb|220px|The shuttle]]
Tate recalls his Pokémon and says it put up a good battle, then braces himself for the teasing from his sister. Liza points out a few things Tate did wrong, and just then, Ash and friends enter the room. Tate and Liza gasp in surprise, and suddenly the newcomers are levitated into the air! They discover that they have entered a weightless room and Tate and Liza were held down to their respective platforms by ankle straps. They both release the straps and float up to join the newcomers. Liza turns Ash upright, and explains about the weightless room. She says that the Baltoy use their {{m|Confusion}} attack to simulate weightlessness. Tate floats up to meet Max and shows him a little weightless somersault trick.
Max and Tate, meanwhile, are exploring the shuttle's cockpit but Max is worried that maybe they shouldn't be there. Tate reassures him and Max feels better. Unbeknownst to the two boys, Team Rocket is nearing the cockpit. Passing the crates of food from earlier, Jessie suddenly goes back to them, excited. Meowth insists that they continue forward, but Jessie grabs a bunch of food packets anyway. After they leave, Corphish pops up from its hiding place among the crates. Team Rocket has now reached the cockpit, only to find it occupied by Max and Tate. Meowth quickly ties them up with a rope, and boasts that Team Rocket now finally has their rocket. To put them in the proper mood for takeoff, James sends out Chimecho, but it wraps around his head first. He gets it off and attaches it to the ceiling and its {{m|Heal Bell}} calms them down. Meowth pushes the launch button, causing the boosters to start. Everyone else notices this with alarm and, upon turning on the cockpit's monitor, Rachel radios to Jin that Tate and Max are in the shuttle with Team Rocket. It's too late, however, as the shuttle is already taking off. The rocket and boosters fall off, and the shuttle is now in flight. Team Rocket's cheering is suddenly interrupted when the shuttle inexplicably stops moving. Looking outside, they see that the four Baltoy from the space center are using Confusion to stop the shuttle's progress. Tate explains this to Max, recommending that they attempt to escape now. Trying to figure out how to accomplish this, Max notices Corphish hiding under a bank of controls. Corphish motions for Max to be quiet (doing the "shhh" gesture with its claw), and he nods. As Team Rocket decide what to do next, they suddenly find themselves suspended in midair! Offscreen, Corphish had cut the ropes and freed Max and Tate, and now Tate's Solrock is using {{m|Psychic}} to levitate Team Rocket. Solrock throws them around the cabin for a bit until they all collide and fall to the floor, out cold. The boys and the Pokémon cheer, and Tate jumps on the radio and tells his parents that they're all right. Liza and the others are happy, but Jin says that the Baltoy won't be able to hold the shuttle in the air for very long and that Tate has to somehow land the shuttle.
Much to Liza's concern, Tate takes the pilot's seat and confidently says that he can do it due to his experience in the simulator. Max says he'll help as well and the landing process begins. The Baltoy release their hold on the shuttle and Jin begins relaying instructions to the boys. After a few tense moments of switch-flipping and control-monitoring, in which an impatient Corphish threatens to press a random button before Max whacks its claw away, the shuttle lands safely. Team Rocket, still dazed from Solrock's Psychic attack, stagger out of the shuttle and fall to the ground. Immediately, they suffer the wrath of Liza and May, both of whom are furious at the Rockets for the danger they had put Tate and Max into. After a {{m|Fire Spin}} from {{TP|May|Combusken|Blaziken}}, an {{m|Ice Beam}} from Lunatone, and an {{m|Iron Tail}} from {{AP|Pikachu}}, Team Rocket goes blasting off again.
Later, the shuttle takes off for real, with Jin at the controls. Ash and friends watch the takeoff and comment on how Jin can now search for Pokémon in space. Tate and Liza then tell Ash that they are ready to accept his Gym challenge. Ash, of course, is extremely excited for [[AG100|the upcoming battle]].