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Shadow Pokémon

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While normal Pokémon are generally friendly and trusting creatures, Shadow Pokémon are not hesitant to attack with full force, using [[Shadow move]]s, such as {{m|Shadow Rush}}. Likewise, they do not attack only other Pokémon, and will actually attack Trainers. Shadow Pokémon can sometimes be overwhelmed by their emotions, indicating the relative instability of their Shadow state, and will sometimes enter a state known as [[Hyper Mode]] in Colosseum and [[Reverse Mode]] in XD. This state will be triggered more often the closer the Pokémon is to purification, making them generally more difficult to battle with until they are ultimately purified. A Pokémon in this state can be cured of it by calling to it in battle or use of a [[scent]], as well as several other methods, or can recover on its own.
An interesting quirk about Shadow Pokémon is their inability to be differentiated from normal Pokémon by all but those with certain abilities or tools. Shadow Pokémon emit a normally invisible dark [[Aura]]aura that normal Pokémon do not, which so far has only been able to be detected by [[Rui]] through an innate ability, and [[Michael]] with his [[Aura Reader]].
Shadow Pokémon cannot level up, and any experience and [[effort values]] they gain in battle will be held until they are purified, at which point it will be awarded en masse.