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A few Seals are supplied when a Coordinator registers for a [[Contest Pass]], and additional Seals can be bought at shops or markets. In ''[[DP113|Hold the Phione!]]'', {{an|Dawn}} was seen buying new Seals for {{cat|Dawn's Pokémon|her Pokémon}} at a store in [[Chocovine Town]].
All of the ten types of Seals sold at the [[Sunyshore Market]] in the games were featured over the course of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}. For a collection of images showing Seals and their effects in the anime, please see [[a:Category:Seals|Seals]] on the [[Bulbagarden Archives]].
==In the manga==
[[File:Platinum Prinplup Seals.png|thumb|220px|{{TP|Platinum|Prinplup}} sent out with Alphabet Seals]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
In ''[[PS354|Knowledge of the Unown I]]'', {{adv|Platinum}} received a few Seals and a Ball Capsule as thanks for giving the [[Pokémon News Press]] information on {{p|Unown}}. The Seals proved to be helpful in the [[Solaceon Ruins]] where Platinum, {{adv|Diamond}}, and {{adv|Pearl}} ended up trapped in the dark while helping two Unown reunite with their friends. She accidentally dropped her {{TP|Platinum|Prinplup}}'s [[Poké Ball]] and the light emanated by the Seal's effect allowed the group to find the trapped Unown.
|ko=실 ''Seal''