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*'''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Unown R|77}}''' - Considered a “deck thinner” (which is a common strategy in speed decks) which increases the probability of drawing important cards by reducing the number of cards in the deck which. Its ''Retire'' Poké-Power allows the player to discard it from the Bench in order to draw a card.
*'''{{TCG ID|Ancient Origins|Unown|30}}''' - Its Ability has the same effect as {{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Unown R|77}}.
*'''{{TCG ID|Great Encounters|Claydol|15}}''' - Its Poké-Power lets the player put one or two cards into their deck and draw until 6 cards in the hand. This provides consistent draw power throughout the game. Speed Unlimited format decks often use Trainer draw engine ({{TCG ID|Base Set|Professor Oak|88}}''', -{{TCG ID|Gym Heroes|Erika|16}}, {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Poké Drawer +|89}}, etc) rather than Claydol
*'''{{TCG ID|Base Set|Professor Oak|88}}''' - Powerful draw power,the player discards his or her hand and draws 7 cards. It has the same effect as {{TCG ID|Black & White|Professor Juniper|101}} and {{TCG ID|XY|Professor Sycamore|122}}, except it is ''not'' a Supporter card.
*'''{{TCG ID|Gym Heroes|Erika|16}}''' - Powerful draw power, the player draws up to 3 cards.
*'''{{TCG ID|Gym Heroes|Secret Mission|118}}''' - A viable alternative to {{ TCG ID|Base Set|Professor Oak|88}}. The player discards any number of cards of his or her hand in order to draw that many cards.
Recovery Cards
*'''{{TCG ID|Base Set|Item Finder|74}}''' - Used to retrieve a Trainer card from the discard pile. Has a similar effect as {{TCG ID|Triumphant|Junk Arm|87}}.
*'''{{TCG ID|Phantom ForcesTriumphant|Lysandre'sJunk Trump CardArm|9987}}''' - Similar effect to {{TCG ID|Base Set|Item Finder|74}}, except it can only get Item cards.
*'''{{TCG ID|Phantom Forces|Lysandre's Trump Card|99}}''' - Critical card for the Unlimited Format; shuffles both player's discard pile into their deck.
General Counter/Tech Cards
*'''{{TCG ID|Base Set|Gust of Wind|93}}''' - Gives the player field control by allowing them to choose what Pokémon their opponent has active. Does not require a coin flip.
*'''{{TCG ID|Gym Heroes|Erika's Perfume|110}}''' - Allows the player to view the opponent’s hand and choose Basic Pokémon and put them on the Bench. This is a great counter to cards like {{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Uxie|43}} and {{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Mesprit|34}}.
*'''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Azelf|19}}''' - When played from the hand, its Poké-Power allows the player to look at their Prize cards and switch a card in his or her hand with a Pokémon that is prized.
*'''{{TCG ID|Team Rocket|Rattata|66}}''' - Its Pokémon Power allows the player to switch the top card of the deck with a Prize card.
*'''{{TCG ID|Arceus|Spiritomb|32}}''' - Can act as a counter to an “Evolution lock” with its ''Darkness Grace'' attack. Its ''Keystone Seal'' Poké-Body causes an “Item card lock”.
*'''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Regice|36}}''' - Its Poké-Power allows a counter to an opponent's {{TCG ID|Arceus|Spiritomb|32}} “Item card lock” by sending it to the Bench.
*'''{{TCG ID|Gym HeroesFlashfire|Erika's PerfumeLysandre|11090}}''' - AllowsHas the playersame toeffect viewas the{{TCG opponent’sID|Base handSet|Gust andof chooseWind|93}} Basicbut, Pokémonsince andit putis thema onSupporter thecard, Thiscan isbe aused greatas a counter to cardsan likeopponent's {{TCG ID|Legends AwakenedArceus|UxieSpiritomb|4332}} and"Item {{TCGcard ID|Legends Awakened|Mesprit|34}}lock".
*'''{{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Garbodor|54}}''' - When it has a Pokémon Tool attached to it, its ''Garbotoxin'' Ability provides an "Ability lock".
*'''{{TCG ID|EX Crystal Guardians|Windstorm|85}}''' - Discards up to 2 in any combination of Stadium or Pokémon Tool cards in play. This allows a general counter to various Pokémon Tool and Stadium Cards that are detrimental. It also allows a counter to {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Garbodor|54}}'s ''Garbotoxin'' Ability by discarding the Pokémon Tool attached to it.