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Once they get on the bridge, Iris tells her {{TP|Iris|Axew}} to stay in her hair. Suddenly, a {{m|Psybeam}} hits the ground under the group. They look up to see where it came from, and it came from a {{p|Gothitelle}}! Gothitelle does not want the group to cross. Ash calls on {{AP|Snivy}} and she uses {{m|Leaf Blade}}, but Gothitelle blocks with {{m|Protect}}. It then uses another Psybeam attack, but Snivy counters with {{m|Leaf Storm}}. Suddenly, the ground below the group collapses!
The group wake up to find that they are just at the spot where Officer Jenny and her Swanna first appeared. Just then, they see a little girl appear to invite them to ride in a little boat called the "Water Taxi" and go across the river that way. So Ash and co. walk on. The little girl, whose name is [[Sally]], gives snacks to the group. Then she introduces them to her Pokémon, a Gothitelle! Cilan soon becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, an old woman asks the {{unOBP|captain|BW021}} if he's heard that the "Water Taxi" is going to close soon, and he says yes. This makes Sally and Gothitelle really sad. Suddenly, they reach land after a seemingly short journey.
However, Ash soon realizes that they've returned back where they began! The group starts to get worried. Cilan then claims he has an idea of what's going on. He claims that it has something to do with Gothitelle and that they should go investigate. Ash and Iris agree. So they walk over to Sally and Gothitelle, who are stocking up on more snacks for their next and final voyage. Ash asks Sally if Gothitelle is her Pokémon, and Sally says no and they she has just befriended it. Then the captain calls Sally to ask her something. Then, the same fog rolls in from earlier and Gothitelle starts walking away. So the group follows it.
* [[Nurse Joy]]
* [[Officer Jenny]]
* {{unOBP|Captain|BW021}}
* Passengers