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====;Initial battle====
*Before battle
:''"My {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation IV)|Battle Hall}} allows Trainers to mount challenges with their one favorite Pokémon. I imagine there were tense moments getting here with your chosen one. But understand that one shines the brightest when a challenge is overcome. I am Argenta, and I am your final and most daunting challenge. I dare you to overcome my challenge."''
:''"A good Trainer doesn't force their favorite on anyone. A good one keeps with their favorite without drama or fanfare. That is how I see it, at least. And, by the way I see it, you're an excellent Trainer! Be sure to visit the Battle Hall again with a favorite Pokémon. Until then, bye-bye!"''
*Before battle
:''"Well! My goodness, your Pokémon... It's got star power beyond belief. Even from inside its [[Poké Ball]], I can feel its charismatic brilliance. But I'm the Hall Matron. I'll be the judge of that. I must battle it for myself and see if that brilliance is genuine. That is why we must battle now."''