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The trio was themed after the concept of mortality, order, or equilibrium of life and death; and are named after the last three letters of the alphabet or the axes of the Cartesian coordinate system. Xerneas is considered the being of life, having said to have shared eternal life, and exudes a revitalizing aura; Xerneas also represent the letter X. Yveltal is known as the being of destruction, possessing the reputation of a destructive nature; Yveltal represents the letter Y. Zygarde, their internal [[trio master]], is renowned as the being of balance, it is said to have monitoring the ecosystem. And when the ecosystem falls into disorder, Zygarde unleashes its true power; Zygarde represents the letter Z.
The abilities of this trio only interacts when only these three are in battle, Xerneas with {{a|Fairy Aura}}, Yveltal with {{a|Dark Aura}} and Zygarde 50% forme, with {{a|Aura Break}}. In [[Pokémon Rumble World]], there is a title that can be earned through befriending these Pokémon. The title is called "Aura Traveller." Thus the name Aura Trio.
There are two theories that show evidence of the trio being interrelated:
===''3-dimensional coordinate system Theory''===
===''Yggdrasil Theory''===
In Norse Mythology, there exists the world tree, {{wp|Yggdrasil}}, which holds all the realms of the said continuity. There are beasts that reside in the said tree, there are deer in {{wp|Asgard}}, an eaglehawk on top of the tree, and a serpent in {{wp|Midgard}}. The deer, namely
The deer, namely {{wp|Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór|Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Durathrór}}, are four stags that gnaw on the branches of Yggdrasil, the reason why Xerneas has four differently coloured pairs of horns. There are some rumors circulating that these 4 stags have their horns the color of Xerneas', but no evidence shows this feature. Another deer, called {{wp|Eikthyrnir}}, is a stag that stands on {{wp|Valhalla}}, and grazes on the foliage of the tree of {{wp|Læraðr}}. As Eikthyrnir feeds on this tree, drips of water flow from its horns, and provides water to the beings of Yggdrasil -- whereas water also symbolizes life, so Xerneas' design might have drawn inspiration from it.
The hawk, {{wp|Vedrfolnir}}, sits between the eyes of another bird, an unnamed eagle. They sit on top of the Yggdrasil, giving the squirrel, Ratatosk, gossips to bring to Nidhogg. Another avian being in Norse Mythology is {{wp|Hraesvelgr}}, or the Corpse Swallower, is a giant of ''jotunn'' that takes form of an eagle, sits at the "end of the world" or the northern part of the sky. This may be the inspiration for Yveltal's design.
The serpent, {{wp|Jormungandr}}, also called the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent, is a serpentine creature that is a child of {{wp|Loki}}, along with its siblings, {{wp|Fenrir}} and {{wp|Hel}}. Zygarde 50% forme may be a reference to Jormungand, as keeps the world in balance, wrapping the world's circumference with its huge body.
Zygarde 10% forme may be inspired by Fenrir, a monstrous canine. The green scarf-like structure on Zygarde 10% forme's neck might be a reference to {{wp|Gleipnir}}, a dwarven rope made to bind the canine until {{wp|Ragnarok}}.
And finally, Zygarde Complete forme may take reference to Hel, God of the Norse Underworld or Helheim, "Land of the Dishonorable Dead." Hel is commonly depicted as half of its body (lengthwise) is alive, and another half is either rotting flesh or a skeleton. This makes sense to Zygarde Complete Forme's blue and red markings on either side, representing life (Xerneas) and destruction (Yveltal), maintaining its theme of balance and order, an equilibrium between mortality. Zygarde's dwelling underground might also have been inspired by the {{wp|Nidhogg}}, a dragon that lives under {{wp|Midgard}}.
''See more info about the origins of the Pokémon of the trio''
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