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The next day, Cameron and [[Virgil]] are battling. Cameron is left once again with only Lucario while Virgil still has three Pokémon left. Calling back his {{p|Espeon}}, Virgil calls out his {{p|Flareon}}. Cameron, not worried about typing, has Lucario go in with a Force Palm, but Flareon uses {{m|Double Team}} to evade the attack before using a super-effective {{m|Flamethrower}}, but Lucario is still able to battle. Hoping to get an idea, Cameron tries snapping his head band, but nothing comes to mind, so he just has Lucario attack with Aura Sphere. Flareon counters with {{m|Fire Blast}}, punching through Aura Sphere and hitting Lucario. Lucario is knocked out and Cameron loses the semifinal.
It's the final round and both trainers are down to their last Pokémon: Virgil down to his {{p|Eevee}} and [[Dino]] down to his {{p|Druddigon}}. Druddigon uses {{m|Dragon Rage}}, but Eevee evades the attack with {{m|Dig}}. Coming out of the ground, Eevee hits Druddigon with Iron Tail, throwing Druddigon to the ground. Finally, Eevee knocks out Druddigon with {{m|Trump Card}}, making Virgil the champion{{pkmn|Champion}} of the Vertress Conference. Meeting up by the fountain, the trainers congratulate each other on their efforts. When [[Davy]] arrive to pick Virgil up, the group says farewell to him as he flies away. Just then, Bianca runs up trying to catch Virgil, but is late and knocks Ash into the fountain. She gives everyone Casteliacones{{DL|Status condition healing item|Casteliacone}}s. Cameron and Lucario devour theirs and run off to train. Bianca decides to head back home.
Ash and Stephan are in the sauna discussing their plans for the future. Both trainers vow to get stronger for a rematch.