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[[File:Sanpei Froakie.png|left|thumb|250px|Nihei and his brothers]]
He was mentioned in ''[[XY017|A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!]]'', albeit only in a fantasy. He is the younger brother of [[Ippei]] and the older brother of [[Sanpei]] and hails from a[[Ninja village of ninjasVillage]]. Nihei is the second strongest of the village, only behind Ippei.
In [[XY098]], Nihei and Venusaurhis then{{p|Venusaur}} had a battle with Sanpei and his {{p|Greninja}}. Despite a type disadvantage, Greninja managed to make good use of its speed and held its own, although SanpeiNihei eventually lostwon the battle.
|epname=A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!
|vajp=Kenta Miyake
|desc={{p|Venusaur}} is Nihei's ninja partner. Together they are the second strongest of the[[Ninja ninja village Ippei, Nihei and Sanpei hail fromVillage]].
Venusaur's known moves are {{m|Double Team}}{{tt|*|Mentioned by Sanpei}}, {{m|Vine Whip}}, {{m|Razor Leaf}}, {{m|Petal Blizzard}}, and {{m|Solar Beam}}.}}