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'''LillyLily''' (Japanese: '''リリー''' ''Lily'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[XY090|A Performance Pop Quiz!]]''. She is a [[Pokémon Performer]].
LillyLily competed in the [[Anistar City]] [[Pokémon Showcase]]. For the first round she was placed in a group with {{an|Serena}} and [[Nini]], with the theme of the round being a Pokémon quiz. She and her {{p|Solrock}} didn't manage to win, as Serena proceeded to the Free Performance round.
|img=LillyLily Solrock.png
|epname=A Performance Pop Quiz!
|desc={{p|Solrock}} is LillyLily's only known Pokémon.
LillyLily used her Solrock to participate in the first round of the [[Anistar City]] [[Pokémon Showcase]], where it competed against [[Serena's Pancham]] and [[Nini]]'s {{p|Farfetch'd}}. The theme of the round was a Pokémon quiz. They didn't manage to proceed however, and LillyLily and Solrock were eliminated.
Solrock's only known move is {{m|Shadow Ball}}.}}