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{{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}} claims that [[Scott]] knew about {{p|Jirachi}} and [[Guile Hideout]] from the start. The press note how the Frontier Brains look injured in addition to the serious conversation between Anabel and Scott. To distract the crowd, {{FB|Dome Ace|Tucker}} has his {{p|Salamence}} release a large ball of fire into the air to start a show. Tucker creates a lie stating that the Frontier Brains were busy training and simply forgot to fix themselves up before they came back.
He grabs Greta and claims that their training wildwould bring an exciting result for the next battle. Inside the Battle Arena, Greta starts her battle against {{adv|Emerald}}. The [[Todd Snap|reporter]] heads off to find the Frontier Brains and Scott. Back in the front of the Battle Arena, Scott confirms Anabel's suspicions. He reveals that he purposely withheld the information so that he could make the Frontier Brains stronger.
He reveals that everything started because of a report about Jirachi. The report holds detailed information about Jirachi, such as where it would wake up next after its one thousand years of slumber. He reveals that the person who deciphered the report was none other than the scientist {{adv|Professor Oak}}. Scott states that one day, Professor Oak called him to inform him that the place where he would build the Battle Frontier just happened to be where Jirachi would awaken next.