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{{Adv|Emerald}} starts his first battle in the first room of the Battle Pike, with a {{p|Kirlia}} and a {{p|Dusclops}} as his opponents. To combat his opponents, Emerald sends out his first two Pokémon, a {{p|Rapidash}} and {{p|Starmie}}. Emerald's Pokémon leap to attack, only for Rapidash to be frozen by Dusclops and Starmie put to sleep by Kirlia. The [[Todd Snap|reporter]] is horrified to see that Emerald has already been defeated, but Emerald tells him not to worry. EmeraldRapidash frees itself from its ice prison with a {{m|Flame Wheel}}, while Starmie wakes itself up with its held [[Lum Berry]]. Next, he commands Rapidash and Starmie to use {{m|Double-Edge}} and {{m|Thunderbolt}}, which defeat their opponents and give Emerald the victory.
While Emerald runs off to the next room, the reporter notes that Emerald's team is great against status ailments, as Rapidash can free itself from being frozen with Flame Wheel, and Starmie holds the Lum Berry as well as having {{a|Natural Cure}} as its Ability. The reporter begins wondering who was the person who sent Emerald to the Battle Frontier as well as supplying his Pokémon for him. Meanwhile, Emerald chooses his next room, but instead of another virtual Trainer, he finds a man just walking by and commenting on the weather. Lucy explains to a confused reporter that the Battle Pike is a test of luck, which means that there are a variety of events that can happen depending on whichever door he chooses. Due to this, very lucky Trainers can challenge Lucy without having taken a single hit while unlucky Trainers will be completely exhausted.