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'''Gummis''' (Japanese: '''グミ''' ''Gummi'') are consumable items found in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series]]. Gummis come in a variety of colors, and have varying effects based on where they are applied. In all instances, eating a Gummi will increase a Pokémon's [[IQ]], allowing it to learn more IQ Skills, with better-tasting Gummis increasing the value by a greater amount.
In [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team]], when a Gummi is eaten inside a Friend Area, one of the recipient's stats increases (or rarely, all stats). Inside a dungeon, eating a Gummi will fill one's Belly: 60 Belly if it matches Pokémon's type, 30 if it weakens it, 25 if it's neutral, 20 if it is resisted by, and 5 if it's ineffective on it. In case of a Pokémon with two types, the numbers are added (eg. A Grass Gummi would refill 80 of {{p|Hoppip}}'s Belly, as it matches its {{type|Grass}} and is resisted by its {{type|Flying}}). Gummis are found in dungeons and as mission rewards. The [[Stormy Sea]] contains every type of Gummi.