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'''Ancha''' (Japanese: '''ツミキ''' ''Tsumiki'') is a {{tc|Newscaster}} who appears in [[Pokémon Colosseum]] and [[Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness]].
Ancha's mainis rolea minor character in Colosseum, in which she is a rookie reporter. Her only role is to report on the mischief [[Fein]] caused throughout [[Orre]],. afterThe whichplayer sheencounters her at the [[Outskirt Stand]] when they arrive to challenge Fein. She disappears and is not heard fromseen again in the game once Fein is defeated once, whether or not his [[Shadow Pokémon|Shadow]] {{p|Togetic}} is Snagged. Identical-looking Newscasters also appear on television news broadcasts and during "[[The Under]] Time" with [[Venus]], though it is unclear if they are all related, or if it is a situation similar to that of [[Nurse Joy]] and [[Officer Jenny]].
Ancha returns in Pokémon XD as the star newscaster for [[ONBS]], a job that she takes very seriously. She appears to have many fans from all over Orre. Even [[Cipher]] has at least one Ancha fan in their ranks, as a {{tc|Cipher Peon}} attempts to obtain her autograph during the ONBS takeover. A cameraman who works at the station mentions the events of five years ago when complimenting her talent, explaining that she was prone to "on-air disasters" when she started her career.
==Name origin==