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Trivia: Comparison trivia
** This is most likely due to the fact that the player can choose to visit Veilstone or Pastoria simultaneously without affecting the progression of the storyline, meaning Wake and Maylene could be battled in either order.
* Maylene's Meditite in [[Pokémon Adventures]] knows {{m|Bullet Punch}}, {{m|Power Swap}}, and {{m|Psycho Cut}}. These moves are impossible to have at the same time in the games.
* Maylene shares some similarities with [[Korrina]]:
** Both are female Gym Leaders who specialize in Fighting-type Pokémon.
** Both are the third Gym Leaders in badge case order in their respective regions.
** Both use a Pokémon with {{m|Fake Out}} as their first Pokémon.
** Both use a {{p|Machoke}} with {{a|Guts}}, {{m|Rock Tomb}} and {{m|Leer}} in battle as their second Pokémon.
*** Both retain this Machoke in a rematch.
** Both use a level 32 {{p|Lucario}} with {{a|Steadfast}} and {{m|Bone Rush}} in battle.
** Both hand out a [[TM]] containing a move with the word "Punch" in its name which has beneficial effects on its user.