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Seabreak Path

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{{InfoboxRoute locationinfobox
|name=Seabreak Path
|jptrans=Seabreak Path
|jptranslit=Umi Ware no Michi
|image=Seabreak path.png
|location_name=Seabreak Path
|translated_name=Seabreak Path
|location=North of {{rt|224|Sinnoh}}<br/>South of [[Flower Paradise]]
|mapdesc=A straight path bounded by the sea on both sides. It leads to the Flower Paradise.
|north=Flower Paradise
|south=Sinnoh Route 224
|southalt=Route 224
|generationregionmap={{gen|IV}}Sinnoh Seabreak Path Map.png
The '''Seabreak Path''' (Japanese: '''うみわれのみち''' ''Seabreak Path'') is an extension of {{rt|224|Sinnoh}} that leads to the [[Flower Paradise]]. It is only accessible if the player has the [[event]]-only item [[Oak's Letter]], and, as such, can only be legitimately accessed in {{game|Platinum}}. Although Oak's Letter was not distributed for copies of {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}, [[glitch]]es such as the [[surf glitch]], [[tweaking]] and the [[tweakingvoid glitch]] can be exploited to access this area.
The path is covered in flowers of many colors, and it is surrounded by ocean on both sides. This ocean cannot be {{m|Surf}}ed upon, as the path is raised above sea level. It stretches the entire length of the [[Battle Zone]], from the [[Resort Area]] to [[Stark Mountain]].
==Shaymin Eventevent==
The key[[Key itemItem]] [[Oak's Letter]] will trigger an encounter with [[Professor Oak]] at the northernmost point of {{rt|224|Sinnoh}}. The professor will explain the myth of the white rock: that any Trainer who visits the rock may inscribe upon what they are most thankful for. There are few limits to what may be written here; the input system is identical to the system used for [[nickname]]s.
By giving thanks, the player unlocks the Seabreak Path and has the opportunity to go to the [[Flower Paradise]] and catch {{p|Shaymin}}.
| [[File:Seabreak Path Pt.png|75px]]
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==Name originTrivia==
* Seabreak Path shares the same music with [[Floaroma Town]].
===Name origin===
According to the [[Town Map]], Seabreak Path is so named because it breaks the sea between the Sinnoh region and the open ocean that lies to the east.
|it=Via Frangimare
|ko=갈라진 바닷길 ''Gallajin Badatgil''
|pt=Passagem Quebra-Marmar
|es=Vía Costera}}
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