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Eterna Forest

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Jubilife is /not/ a nearby place, don't mention it there...
The '''Eterna Forest''' (Japanese: '''ハクタイの{{tt|森|もり}}''' ''Hakutai Forest'') is a [[forest]] located in the [[Sinnoh]] region. It mustlies be traversed in order to reachbetween [[EternaFloaroma CityTown]] when traveling fromand [[JubilifeEterna City]].
Located in the middle of {{rt|205|Sinnoh}}, the Eterna Forest is similar to [[Kanto]]'s [[Viridian Forest]]. It is a forest enveloped in chilly air. Thick stands of trees turn the forest into a natural maze. The Eterna Forest is home to many {{t|Bug}}- and {{type|Grass}} Pokémon and one of the only two places in Sinnoh to catch {{p|Murkrow}}{{sup/4|D}} and {{p|Misdreavus}}{{sup/4|P}}, the other place being [[Lost Tower]].