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[[File:PokémonTrainersChoice Seviper.png|thumb|240px|left|{{p|Seviper}} evolves from {{p|Arbok}}?]]
As the successor to the long-running "Who's That Pokémon?", Trainer's Choice was initially met with criticism from some of the fandom, especially considering the change was in the middle of a newly-started saga. [[4Kids Entertainment]] very frequently made Pokémon [[type]] match-up errors, resulting in incorrect answers given to at least nine incorrect answers givenquestions, questions with multiple correct answers, questions with no possible correct answer and questions with no right or wrong answer at all. The company also occasionally misspelled the names of Pokémon or gave them the wrong name altogether. These constant mistakes were seen by many as an indication that 4Kids actually knew very little about the franchise. The most infamous example is their erroneous claim that {{p|Seviper}} evolves from {{p|Arbok}}, featured in the Trainer's Choice of ''[[AG077|A Fan with a Plan]]''; this Trainer's Choice in particular is a source of ridicule by many fans.
In ''[[S08|Pokémon: Advanced Battle]]'', the creation of questions for Trainer's Choice was credited to Lawrence Neves and the accuracy rate greatly improved. During this season, the variety in the types of questions being asked expanded beyond simply type match-ups and evolutionary lines, as well as featuring more difficult questions.