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The{{Ash}} episodeand starts{{ashfr}} withare planning to have a big meal to celebrate Ash's last victory, and they meet {{AshDelia}} and {{ashfran|Professor Oak}} goingoutside totheir getcabin. somethingDelia says that she's going to eatcook afterthem Ash's victoryfavorite inmeal and takes them all to a restaurant, where she goes to the fourthkitchen roundand makes the meal herself instead of the restaurant cooks, who merely look at her in confusion. As everyone settles down to eat, Professor Oak tells Ash that the battles after the fifth round are going to be [[IndigoFull LeagueBattle]]s and asks if he's already decided which Pokémon to use. WhenAsh says that he'll wait to see who he's going to be battling first. After finishing their meal, they arriveall athead into the restaurantelevator, theywhereupon finda boy named [[Ritchie]] asks them to hold it open. Professor Oak manages to keep the doors open long enough for him to enter. Ritchie sees {{DeliaAP|Ash's momPikachu}} and {{an|Professorpets Oak}}him standingon outsidethe head. Ash's momwarns thenhim headsthat intoPikachu themight restaurantshock andhim, beginsbut to cookhis atsurprise, Pikachu is enjoying the stoveexperience. Suddenly, whilethe power goes out and the cookselevator lookstops. onRitchie intells confusionthem that he can get it running again and asks Ash if he can use Pikachu for his {{m|Thunder Shock}} attack. AfterAsh theagrees, foodand isRitchie doneopens the groupelevator's goescontrol box and sitshas downPikachu touse eatThunder Shock on it. The lights in the elevator turn back on and talkthe elevator begins to run again.
TheyLater allon, head{{TRT}} intodecides theto elevatorarrange anda asfake thephysical doorsexamination beginin order to closesteal asome [[Ritchie|boy]]Pokémon. runsThey cruise through the upstreets, askingusing themtheir vans loudspeaker to holdget theeveryone's elevatorattention. HeThey seesclaim that if {{APpkmn|PikachuTrainer}}s anddo petsnot himcomply onwith the head.examination, Ashthey warnswill himbe thatdisqualified Pikachufrom mightthe shock[[Indigo League]]. himUnfortunately, butwhen to[[Jessie]] hisattempts surpriseto stuff Pikachu isinto enjoyinga thesack, experience.getting Suddenly,shocked in the powerprocess, goes[[James]] outsays andJessie's thename, elevatorcausing stops!Ash Theand boyRitchie tellsto themrealize thatwho hethey canare. getTeam itRocket runningperforms againtheir {{motto}}, and asksuse Ash{{TP|James|Weezing}}'s if{{m|Smog}} heto canescape usewith Pikachu forthe hislooted {{mi|ThunderShockPoké Ball}}s attackand Pikachu. Ash agrees, and theRitchie boychase opensafter thethem, devicecutting andthrough letsthe Pikachumountains useto ThunderShockreach onthe escaping itvan. TheEventually, lightsJames inis theforced elevatorto turnswerve backoff onthe road, and theTeam elevatorRocket beginsdrives tointo runa againriver. ProfessorAsh Oakand remarksRitchie he'schase gladafter theythem openedas the doorvan floats fordown himstream.
LaterWhen onnighttime falls, {{TRT}}Ritchie decidessuggests tothey pullcamp offout anotherand elaborateAsh concedes. scheme:Over a "physicalshared examination"meal, ofthe sorts.pair Ifdiscover Trainersthey doare notequally comply,passionate theyabout willPokémon beand disqualifiedcompetitive. Unfortunately,The whennext [[Jessie]]morning, attemptsAsh toand stuffRitchie Pikachu intofollow a sackset (gettingof shockedtracks inand discover the process),van [[James]]along letswith slipa Jessie'ssleeping name,Team causingRocket. AshThey creep through the camp and Ritchieinto tothe realizevan, whowhere they were.find TeamPikachu Rocketand performsthe theirstolen usualPoké {{motto}},Balls. andHowever, behindTeam theRocket coverwakes ofup, {{TP|James|Weezing}}'sfinds {{m|Smog}}them, escapetraps withthem in the [[Poké Ball]]svan, and Pikachudrives off. However, Ash and Ritchie chasedecide afterto them,use cuttingthe throughhundreds theof mountainsPoké toBalls reachin the escaping van at their disposal. SuddenlyRitchie immediately identifies his Pokémon due to star-shaped stickers, thebut comeAsh ontosends theout roada where{{p|Drowzee}}, the{{p|Slowbro}}, Rocketsand areeven traversinga upon.{{p|Magikarp}} Whenbefore seeingPikachu thesniffs "[[twerp]]out {{AP|Bulbasaur}}'s", JamesPoké swervesBall. offBulbasaur theuses road{{m|Tackle}} and down{{m|Razor aLeaf}} hillon andthe intovan awall, river.but to no avail.
It'sRitchie nighttimesends out his {{p|Charmander}}, [[Zippo]], and Ashorders it to {{m|slash}} open the van wall. The tactic is successful, and Ritchiethe stillwall haven'tbreaks to confrontedreveal Team Rocket. TheyJessie campsends out {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}, vowingbut tobefore findPikachu theircould Pokémonuse at{{m|Thunderbolt}} sun-upon it, James swerves the followingvan, causing Pikachu to lose balance and leaving it vulnerable to dayArbok. MeanwhileRitchie then sends out his own Pikachu, [[nickname]]d [[Sparky]]. Jessie orders an attack, while Sparky and Pikachu both counter with {{m|Agility}}. Arbok is overwhelmed, and both Pikachu Thunderbolt the scenevan. cutsThe tofront portion explodes, blasting Team Rocket feastingoff, bybut moonlight.the Afterback doingof the van is still driving towards a "Poke-dance"cliff. {{AP|Pidgeotto}} and Ritchie's {{p|Butterfree}}, nicknamed Happy, use {{m|Whirlwind}} as parachutes, catching their respective Trainers, the scenePoké switchesBalls, backand Pikachu. They land safely as a group of SUVs, which turns out to Ashbe the Trainers, plus {{an|Brock}} and Ritchie{{an|Misty}}, staringpull up atto theclaim starstheir Pokémon.
Morning arrives. The search continues, and the pair come across tire tracks. Ash and Ritchiehis followfriends thereturn tracks, and discoverto the vanIndigo alongPlateau's withregistration the sleeping trio of Rocketscenter. TheyThe creepattendant throughinstructs theAsh campto towardsfish the van, and findfor a muffledMagikarp It'sfind Pikachu!out Theyhis arenext reunitedopponent, and the Poké Balls are there too! However, Team Rocket has woken up andhe finds themit The quickly rush out of the van, lock the doors, and driveRitchie. Still in the van, the twin twerps must think of a way out...
Finally, they remember that they in a van with 100+ Poké Balls at their disposal. Ritchie identifies his Pokémon due to star-shaped stickers, but Ash sends out a {{p|Drowzee}}, {{p|Slowbro}}, and even a {{p|Magikarp}} before Pikachu sniffs out {{AP|Bulbasaur}}'s Poké Ball. Bulbasaur uses {{m|Tackle}} and {{m|Razor Leaf}} on the van wall, but to no avail. Ritchie sends out his {{p|Charmander}} [[Zippo]] and orders it to Slash open the van wall. The tactic is successful, and the wall breaks to reveal Team Rocket. Jessie sends out {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}, which is matched by Pikachu. But before Pikachu lets loose a {{m|Thunderbolt}}, James uses 'turn attack,' which causes Pikachu to lose balance. Arbok hits Pikachu back. Ritchie then sends out [[Sparky]], his own Pikachu! Jessie orders an attack, while Sparky and Pikachu both counter with {{m|Agility}}. Arbok is overwhelmed, and both Electric Mice Thunderbolt the van. The front portion explodes, leaving the heroes safe and sound. However, even in Anime Physics, inertia still applies, which means the back of the van is still driving along a mountain road- and off a cliff. Pidgeotto and {{DL|Ritchie|Happy}} (Ritchie's Butterfree) act as parachutes, catching their respective Trainers (Poké Balls and Pikachu included). After using {{m|Whirlwind}} to land safely, a group of SUVs (which turns out to be the Trainers, plus Brock and Misty) pull up to claim their Pokémon.
After they return, we leave off with Ash and Ritchie finding out that their next opponents are... each other!
==Major events==
*<!-- {{Ash}}This andis {{ashfr}}not meetfor {{pkmn|Trainer}}summarizing [[Ritchie]]everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and hisreleasing {{p|Pikachu}}Pokémon and obtaining Badges, [[Sparky]]go here. -->
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} meet [[Ritchie]].
* Ash learns he will be battling Ritchie in the fifth round.
====Pokémon debuts====
* [[Sparky]]
* [[Zippo]]
* [[Ritchie#Happy|Happy]]
[[File:WTP EP078.png|thumb|200px|right|Who's That Pokémon?]]
[[Who's That Pokémon?]]: {{p|Diglett}} ''(U.S.US and international)'', {{p|Weezing}} ''(Japan)''
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Scyther}} ([[Jeanette Fisher|Jeanette]]'s; flashback)
* {{p|Bellsprout}} ([[Jeanette Fisher|Jeanette]]'s; flashback)
* {{p|Slowbro}} (unnamed {{pkmn|Trainer}}'s)
* {{p|Drowzee}} (unnamed {{pkmn|Trainer}}'s)
* {{p|Magikarp}} (unnamed {{pkmn|Trainer}}'s)
* {{p|Magikarp}} ([[Pokémon League]]'s)
* [[Professor Oak's lecturePokémon Lecture]]: <!--Description here.-->
** Pokémon senryū summary: Various limited edition goods, souvenir salesman.
* This episode, as well as the next two episodes, botheach have the word "friend" in the title, referencing {{Ash}}'s ongoing friendship with [[Ritchie]].
* Ritchie mentions being able to identify his Poké Balls from the rest of the stolen ones because he placed Star Stickers on them. This markscan be considered an early precursor of the [[RitchieSeal]]'s firstconcept appearancebefore its introduction in the[[Generation animeIV]].
* Ritchie mentions being able to identify his Poké Balls from the rest of the stolen ones because he placed Star Stickers on them which can be considered an early precursor of the [[Seal]] concept before its introduction in [[Generation IV]].
* [[Ritchie]]'s Charmander is called Zippo, which may be a reference to the American refillable cigarette lighter brand, Zippo.
* An instrumental of ''[[Together Forever]]'' can be heard, as well as ''Tears, After the Cloudy Weather''.
[[File:EP078 error.png|230px|thumb|right|Professor Oak's discolored eyebrows]]
* When it turns dark in the lift, Professor Oak's eyebrows turn gray. The same error happens again when they're outside the elevator.
* Though the power goes out while the characters are in the elevator, when they emerge into the lobby, all the lights are on. Although, everyone in the elevator assumes that the power went out, when it could have just been the elevator that had broken down. Either way, elevators are never set on the same power groups in buildings as the main rooms.
* Through most of the Team Rocket motto and a little bit after, Jessie's eyes are different colors. This is most noticeable when she says "blast off at the speed of light."
* When Ash is chasing Team Rocket, he turns around after Ritchie calls after him and Ash's eyes are a lighter color than normal.
* After {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} is shown dizzy, Ritchie's eyes are blue.
* When Team Rocket gets blasted off, Arbok disappears.
* Ash initially cannot find his Poké Balls, save for {{AP|Bulbasaur}}. However, after {{AP|Pikachu}} and [[Sparky]] defeat Team Rocket, he immediately calls on {{AP|Pidgeotto}}.
EP078 error.png|Professor Oak's miscolored eyebrows
===Dub edits===
* [[Pikachu's Jukebox]]: [[My Best Friends]]
* Misty mentions the chef asking for Delia's croquette recipe in the dub, but in the original it's clear she cooked it herself and she marvels at the difference from normal restaurant food.
* In the dub, Ash recognizes the Rocket trio in their disguises by James calling Jessie by name. In the original, he doesn't call her by name and instead he's suspicious because he said "we got what we came for". Also, Ritchie recognizes Team Rocket in the dub but not the original.
* At the campfire, Ash expresses worry he won't ever see his Pokémon again in the dub but more specifically worries that they are starving in the original.
* Team Rocket performs a Pokémon-themed parody of the folk song [[wikipedia:99 Bottles of Beer|99 Bottles of Beer]] in the dub on two separate occasions. In the original, they sing a different song with indistinct lyrics.
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|勁敵登場|Rival Enters}}
|cs={{tt|Opravdový přítel|A true friend}}
|da={{tt|En Vaskeægte Ven|A Genuine Friend}}
|nl={{tt|Een Echte Vriend|A True Friend}}
|fi={{tt|Ystävä hädässä|A friend in need}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Un nouvel ami|A new friend}}
|de={{tt|Echte Freundschaft!|Real friendship!}}
|he=חבר בצרה {{tt|chaver''Khaver betsarabetzara''|FriendA friend in trouble}}
|hi=एक सच्चा दोस्त {{tt|''Ek saccha dost''|A True Friend}} {{tt|*|Hungama dub}}
|hu={{tt|Az igaz barát|The True Friend}}
|it={{tt|Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro|Who finds a friend, finds a treasure}}
|ko=새로운 라이벌 등장
|no={{tt|En venn i nøden|A friend in need}}
|pl={{tt|Przyjaciel na śmierć i życie|A friend for death and life}}
|pt_br={{tt|Amigo de Verdade|True Friend}}
|pt_eu={{tt|O Amigo Verdadeiro|The True Friend}}
|ro={{tt|Un Prieten Adevărat|A True Friend}}
|ru={{tt|Настоящий друг|True friend}}
|sr={{tt|Прави пријатељ|True Friend}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Amigos y héroes!|Friends and heroes!}}
|es_eu={{tt|Un amigo de verdad| A true friend}}
|sv={{tt|En vän i nöden|A friend in need}}
|pl={{tt|Przyjaciel na śmierć i życie|A friend for death and life}}
|ro={{tt|Un Prieten Adevărat|A True Friend}}
|sr={{tt|Прави пријатељ|True Friend}}
|hi=एक सच्चा दोस्त {{tt|''Ek saccha dost''|A True Friend}} {{tt|*|Hungama dub}}
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