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<i>Serena’sSerena is reworking her Pokémon Showcase routine hitswhen a snagpowerful whenattack herfrom Pancham accidentallyhits Braixen and breaks Braixen’sits treasuredbeloved branch! TheEveryone hunttries isto onfind forBraixen a replacementnew branch, althoughbut Braixenit doesn’tisn’t seeminterested toin likea anyreplacement. ofTeam theRocket alternatives.has Maybebeen aspying tripas tousual, aand treeJames surgeondons cana help—ordisguise causeand Braixenjoins our heroes to branchsee outif inhe othercan ways!</i>help.
Nurse Joy suggests they take the branch to a tree surgeon, Mr. Woodward, for repairs. He first wants Serena and Braixen to demonstrate their bond, and the best way to do that is with a battle. Braixen eventually uses its broken branch to unleash a powerful new move: Fire Blast! This shatters the branch beyond repair but restores Braixen’s confidence, and it finally accepts the new branch Pancham offers. Our heroes are off once more to Anistar City, and the bond between Serena and Braixen is stronger than ever!</i>