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Pokemon Conquest
Hey, just letting you know I've been poking several staff members to try and ''finally'' get the Move templates we (mostly you :p) have designed off the ground and into the mainspace.
I've moved forward with an old secondary project, a Warrior template, at [[User:Drake Clawfang/Sandbox|my sandbox]] (implemented [[User:Drake Clawfang/Sandbox2|here]]). Currently, other than addressing general design concerns from staff members that may come in, the main thing I want to adjust on it is the Links section; ideally, I'd like that clicking on the artwork redirects to the Pokemon's page, and to adjust the evolutionary charts under the artwork to accommodate stand-alone, two-stage, and three-stage evolutionary lines, as well as initial links that are perhaps stage one or stage two, instead of just basic. I'd also like to make all the boxes of uniform height, or at least spaced/stretched to the edges so it looks nicer. However, I've no idea how to do any of that. Would you be willing to take a look? [[User:Drake Clawfang|Drake Clawfang]] ([[User talk:Drake Clawfang|talk]]) 17:53, 20 October 2015 (UTC)