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Hidden Pokémon: Some smallish details. I'm not seeing NPCs stopping, in water (Route 106) or caves (Meteor Falls)...
Hidden Pokémon that spontaneously appear may come from any species recognized as being in the area by the DexNav except for species exclusive to [[Horde Encounters]] or fishing. Hidden Pokémon can also actively be searched for using the "Search" button on the Found Pokémon screen. Using this search function can allow the player to force horde- or fishing-exclusive Pokémon to appear as hidden Pokémon.
Hidden Pokémon behave differently depending on the type of tile they reveal themselves in. Those in [[tall grass]], {{DL|tall grass|long grass}}, or {{DL|tall grass|seaweed}} remain stationary, while those in [[Water tile|water]], [[Sand tile|deep sand]], or [[cave tile]]s warp around a small, defined area, usually among three spots that may take on a triangular shape. The stationary hidden Pokémon will begin appearing as soon as the player obtains the DexNav, but only in a select few predefined locations on {{rt|101|Hoenn}} and {{rt|102|Hoenn}}. They start appearing spontaneously after {{ga|Brendan}}/{{ga|May}} mentions Detector Mode on Route 102. Mobile hidden Pokémon will begin appearing spontaneously after the player obtains the Balance Badge.
Hidden Pokémon in water can only be encountered by {{m|Surf}}ing; attempting to fish where a hidden Pokémon is located will ignore the hidden Pokémon. If an NPC attempts to move through a hidden Pokémon, they will be stuck against it until the Pokémon moves.
In the ice room of [[Shoal Cave]], it is not possible to encounter hidden Pokémon spontaneously or through the search function.
At a minimum, the Hidden Pokémon screen will always show the Search Level of the target hidden Pokémon. If the player has owned the Pokémon, its type will also be displayed. When the player is close enough to the Pokémon, its silhouette (which matches its appearance if it were to be encountered, including details like [[form differences|form]] and [[gender]]) and [[level]] will also be shown. Other information, such as the Pokémon's first [[move]], [[Ability]], [[held item]], and [[individual values|potential]] may also be displayed, depending on the species' Search Level. If the Pokémon has a special move, Hidden Ability, high level, or high potential, an exclamation mark will appear next to that datum on the screen. If the Pokémon is of a species that can only be encountered as a hidden Pokémon, an exclamation mark will appear above its silhouette. If the player is not close enough to the Pokémon, the DexNav will only show a basic radar that indicates how far away from the Pokémon the player is by a number of arrows. The background of the Hidden Pokémon screen is shaded from gray to orange depending on the number of times the player has seen the Pokémon.
If the player moves too far away from a hidden Pokémon, it will disappear and the DexNav will lose its signal. A hidden Pokémon will also disappear if it is not encountered within approximately 100 seconds<!--except for the predefined ones...-->. Over this time, the Pokémon will make eight cries at regular intervals, including its initial cry. A hidden Pokémon will also disappear if the player transitions to a different area or enters a battle with a Trainer or a wild Pokémon. Switching between areas that do not have a transition, such as moving from {{rt|101|Hoenn}} to [[Littleroot Town]], will not make a hidden Pokémon disappear and the DexNav may continue reacting to its presence normally. Occasionally, a hidden Pokémon will also move or disappear more quickly than normal.<!--
Hidden Pokémon appear...
in about a 9-step radius around the player?
on the same level/elevation (a single ledge is not an impediment, but stairs are)-->
In order to approach a Pokémon without scaring it off, the player must sneak towards it (while {{m|Surf}}ing, this is indicated by moving without creating a {{wp|wake}}). This is done by carefully pushing the Circle Pad without reaching its full tilt. It is not possible to sneak while [[Bicycle|cycling]], running, using the [[Dowsing Machine]], or using the D-pad. If the player is too close to the hidden Pokémon and dismounts a Bike, mounts or dismounts a {{m|Surf}}ing Pokémon, jumps down a [[ledge]], walks, or runs, the Pokémon will be scared off.
A mobile hidden Pokémon may also run away for no readily apparent reason when the player approaches and it disappears to warp to another spot; this may be because the player is standing in the spot where the Pokémon wanted to move to, preventing it from doing so.
A hidden Pokémon will also be scared off if a mobile NPC attempts to move directly through it, but not if the NPC only passes near it.
[[File:Hidden Pokemon ranges.png|thumb|200px|A representation of the rings around a hidden Pokémon]]