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Tower Tycoon (Trainer class)

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A '''Tower Tycoon''' or '''Salon Maiden''' (Japanese: '''{{j|タワータイクーン}}''' ''Tower Tycoon'') is a [[Pokémon Trainer]] who presides over their region's [[Battle Tower]]. The Tower Tycoon will battle the {{player|challenger}} of the Tower at set intervals. As of [[Generation V]], {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}} and {{FB|Tower Tycoon|Palmer}} are currently the only known Tower Tycoons.
In the English version of {{game|Emerald}}, the class is called '''Salon Maiden'''.
Rhyperior's known moves are {{m|Rock Polish}}, {{m|Sandstorm}}, {{m|Rock Wrecker}}, and {{m|Megahorn}}, and its Ability is {{a|Solid Rock}}.}}
* Though the word "[[wiktionary:tycoon{{wp|Business magnate#Etymology|tycoon]]}}" is actually derived from the Japanese word {{j|{{jwp|征夷大将軍|大君}}}} ''taikun'' (a title for the {{wp|shogun}}), it is converted into {{wp|katakana}} as an English term to match the names of the other Frontier Brains' Trainer classes, rather than using the {{wp|hiragana}} {{j|たいくん}} or its respective katakana, {{j|タイクン}} (without the lengthening {{wp|chōonpu}}).
==In other languages==
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