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No he doesn't
* In [[Generation]]s {{gen|II}} and {{gen|IV}}, a {{tc|School Kid}} with an Itemfinder{{sup/2|GSC}}/[[Dowsing Machine|Dowsing MCHN]]{{sup/4|HGSS}} hints at an item outside of [[Cerulean Cave]]. However, he continues to claim that his device is responding even after the player has taken the item.
* The [[Badge|Gym Badge]] man is the only character in [[Generation III]] to define the {{Badge|Marsh}} and {{Badge|Volcano}} as having the effect of allowing the {{player}} to use the post-[[Generation I]] [[HM]] moves {{m|Rock Smash}} and {{m|Waterfall}} outside of battle, since [[Sabrina]] and [[Blaine]] do not explain it themselves.
* In {{game|Red and Blue|s}} and [[Generation III]], when talked to, a girl will command her {{p|Slowbro}} to use {{m|Withdraw}} or {{m|Sonic Boom|SonicBoom}}, or to punch. However, while Slowbro learns Withdraw by leveling up and can be taught a {{cat|Punching moves|punching move}}, Slowbro is unable to learn SonicBoom by any legitimate means.