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===''3-dimensional coordinate system Theory''===
During an interview with [[Ken Sugimori]], [[Pokémon X and Y]]'s Art Director, he revealed that the legendaries were based on the axes of the Cartesian coordinate system, apt with the first games to use fully fledged 3D graphics in the Pokémon game core series. The x-axis is spread horizontally, which reflects Xerneas' residence on land, the y-axis is positioned vertically, or pointing upwards, which reflects Yveltal's avian feats. The z-axis, only present when graphing 3-dimensional figures, means depth; reflecting Zygarde's residence underground.
===''Yggdrasil Theory''===
In Norse Mythology, there exists the world tree, {{wp|Yggdrasil}}, which holds all the realms of the said continuity. There are beasts that reside in the said tree, there are deer in {{wp|Asgard}}, an eagle on top of the tree, and a serpent in {{wp|Midgard}}. The deer, namely