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Veronica Taylor

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Taylor began acting in school plays when she was five years old. WhileWanting attendingto take her acting skills further, she went to The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., where she participated in plays and acting workshops, and continued herto actingbuild educationon throughher acting graduateskills schoolat (Brandeis University). She has also trained in voice acting and singing. Her first anime job came when her acting coach recommended her to the director. With reference to the interview with Veronica Taylor on YouTube, she appears to be embarrassed to voice Ash in public or in front of the camera, by covering her mouth when doing Ash's voice. She also revealed that she had to deepen her voice and do warm-ups and cool-downs in the process of voicing Ash in 4Kids.
Taylor, as well as [[Maddie Blaustein]], [[Rachael Lillis]], Jim Malone, and [[Norman Grossfeld]], among others, did a commentary for [[M04|Pokémon 4Ever]]. During this, Veronica revealed that she was embarrassed to do the voice of a male character, yet delighted to be a part of such a successful show.