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Dungeon Tips
** It will say "Something is stirring".
** It will say "Something is approaching".
** It will say "It's coming closer.".
** It will say "It's right near! It's gusting hard!" Then the player's character will faint and be kicked out of the dungeon, suffering the same conditions as if they were defeated (see below), and cannot be prevented in any way (even if they have Reviver Seeds in their bag) other than proceeding to the next floor before it happens. The amount of turns the player can stay on one floor before this happens varies depending on the dungeon.
* Pokémon with the Float terrain Ability who try to cross magma will get burned (unless they have the "All-Terrain Hiker" IQ skill or are also {{type|Fire}}), but for {{t|Water}} type and the lake parts, it will be able to cross.