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Aaron's Beautifly

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image=[[File:Aaron Beautifly.png|230px]] |
caption=Aaron's Beautifly |
gender=Male{{tt|*|confirmed in the games only}}|
ability={{a|Swarm}}{{tt|*|confirmed in the games only}}|
location=[[Sinnoh]] |
java1=[[Kiyotaka Furushima]]|
enva1=[[Michele Knotz]]|
java2=Not seenN/A|
java3=[[Kiyotaka Furushima]]|
==In the anime==
[[File:Aaron Wurmple.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Wurmple]]
[[File:Aaron and Beautifly.png|thumb|200px|AaronBeautifly and his BeautiflyAaron]]
{{p|Beautifly}} first appeared in a picture as a {{p|Wurmple}} in ''[[DP099|A Trainer and Child Reunion!]]''. Aaron explains that when he was younger, he loved going in the forest. One day he climbed up the tallest tree in the forest, but then, it was too tall to climb down. A wild Wurmple helped him climb down the tree and they then became best friends since then. However, Aaron lost his temper at it when they lost a battle, claiming that Wurmple was too weak, and he left Wurmple at the park. Aaron began to regret doing this and then went back to the park at night to see if Wurmple was still there, but it wasn't.
In ''[[DP100|Aiding the Enemy!]]'', Beautifly, along with Aaron and his {{p|Drapion}}, were seen again on the television at a Pokémon Center, battling [[Cynthia's Garchomp]] and {{p|Gastrodon}}. It was defeated by Gastrodon's {{m|Stone Edge}}.
Beautifly alsobriefly appeared alongside Aaron during the ending credits of ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''.
===Personality and characteristics===
When Aaron met Wurmple, it helped Aaron climb up a tall tree. Their friendship lasted until it lost a Pokémon battle. Wurmple became upset when it was dismissed as weak and left. It did not return to Aaron until it evolved all the way into Beautifly. Beautifly's friendship with Aaron was restored during a battle with {{TRT}}.
==Personality=Moves and Characteristicsused===
==Moves used==
{{anmov/h|bug|flying|Aaron Beautifly {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 2}}|0=SolarBeam|1=Whirlwind}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 2}}|0=Solar Beam|1=Whirlwind}}}}
{{anmov|grass|Solar Beam|DP099|A Trainer and Child Reunion!}}
Aaron's Beautifly only appeared in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}, being replaced by {{p|Scizor}} in {{game|Platinum}}.
! {{Pokémon/4game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}
|game=Diamond and Pearl
|move3=Energy Ball|move3type=Grass|move3cat=Special
|move4=Shadow Ball|move4type=Ghost|move4cat=Special}}
== Trivia ==
* Aaron does not possess a Beautifly in {{game|Platinum}}, but this episode first aired after Platinum's Japanese release. This is similar to the case of {{DL|Cynthia|In the anime|Cynthia's Gastrodon}}, which also premiered after the release of Platinum despite being replaced with {{p|Togekiss}}. Beautifly was replaced by {{p|Scizor}}.
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