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====In Battrio S====
Battrio S gave a major overhaul in terms of damage calculation in battles. Instead of basing this offon the greatest value, it is based on the ''difference'' between the Attack of the attacking player's Pokémon and the Defense of the defending player's Pokémon. Additional bonuses such as those mentioned above then come into effect. In Battrio S, collecting Berries during the pre-battle period also provides a '''Berry Bonus''' to the Pokémon attacking. Each Berry provides a +5 Attack bonus, and each Pokémon can collect up to 8 Berries for a maximum bonus of +40. If a Pokémon has any {{Battrio|Special Abilities}}, these also activate at this time. After a Pokémon has attacked, all Berries collected in the previous pre-battle period are reset. '''Cheering''', again only present in Battrio S, adds small amounts to Attack/Defense by pressing the confirm button in a timely manner when prompted during damage calculation. Another new feature introduced in Battrio S was '''Fervor''', which acts as a damage multiplier and can have a pivotal effect in damage calculation. The difference in damage is then dealt to the HP bar of the player who lost the battle.
====In Battrio 0====