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[[File:PokesavScreenshot.png|thumb|right|Screenshots of Pokésav 0.39 English, when used with {{wpMove|Windows XPPOKESAV}}]]
'''Pokésav'''[[File:POKESAV isPt a program that edits save files0.06e.PNG|thumb|POKESAV for PokémonPlatinum games,version developed by a Japanese programmer by the name of COM0.06e, Thererunning areon currently versions of the program for editing the save files of [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl]],English {{gamewp|PlatinumWindows 10}}, [[Pokémonwith HeartGoldLocale and SoulSilver Versions|Pokémon HeartGold, SoulSilverEmulator]], [[Pokémon Black and White Versions|Pokémon Black, and Pokémon White]] games. Save files may be backed up from a commercial cartridge using a flashcart such as the R4 or a cheating device such as the GameShark Duo. Pokésav can also export [[Action Replay]] DS codes that, when activated, will provide the same effects in-game as editing the save file.
'''POKESAV''' is a {{wp|Windows API|Win32}} {{wp|Application software|app}} for {{wp|Windows 95}} and later that edits save files of specific [[Core series|core]] [[Pokémon games]], developed by a Japanese programmer known by the alias "COM". There are four different editions of the app, each for use only with the games it targets: the {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} edition is at version 0.40d, the {{v2|Platinum}} edition is at version 0.06e, the {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} edition is at version 0.03a, and the {{2v2|Black|White}} edition is at version 0.06c. POKESAV can also export [[Action Replay]] DS codes that, when activated, will provide the same effects in-game as editing the save file.
AsBecause ofthe Octoberapp 31,is 2010not written in {{wp|Unicode}}, theit latestwill Japanesepresent versioneither ofquestion Pokésavmarks isor {{wp|mojibake}} to non-Japanese Windows 0users.06c To work around this, users of the{{wp|Windows programXP}} formay Blackuse and{{wp|AppLocale}} White,while andusers thereof have{{wp|Windows been7}} noand newlater versionsmay sinceuse [ ThisLocale mayEmulator]. beUsers influencedof by{{wp|Windows theVista}} increasingneed threatto ofchange the Japansystem's internetlocale piracy(language laws,for asnon-Unicode wellsoftware) asto Japanese; this method may also be employed in the increasingother useversions of two{{wp|Microsoft similarWindows}}. programs,Changing PokeGenthe andsystem's locale will affect all apps, PKHeXhowever.
==Functionality==A {{wp|Windows Runtime|WinRT}} release of the app for {{wp|Windows 8}} and later has not been developed.
With Pokésav, players can edit many aspects of the game including Pokémon and their movesets, the inventory, and in-game records. Use of the program does carry a risk of corrupting the save file, however. Backing up the save file before using the program will mitigate this risk.
WhenIt theis earlyrecommended versionthat ofplayers {{game|HeartGoldback andup SoulSilver|s}}'stheir Pokésavsave wasfiles released,before Sinnohperforming locationchanges nameswith were still in the program, making it difficult to set some values. While this would later be fixed in the Japanese version, the current English version (.03a) has not made this updatePOKESAV.
The latest version of Pokésav for {{2v2|Black|White}} (0.06c) does not edit Gym Badges.
==External links==
* [ ''Pokésav''Official and its translations in several languageswebsite] <small>(EnglishJapanese)]</small>
* [http://pokesavpokecheats.umimi.comnet/pokesav/download.php Official websitePokéCheats (Japanese)repository]
* [ Pokésav Black and White translation by jsparrow (English)]{{clear}}
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