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Mr. Big

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Mr. Big specializes in making {{wp|fireworks}}. He uses crushed up [[Berry|Berries]] and uses different kinds in order to make different colors. Mr. Big was a former {{pkmn|Coordinator}}. He has a total of three {{pkmn|Contest}} [[Ribbon]]s.
After Ash had a battle with {{an|May}}, he approached Ash and complemented him on how his {{AP|Taillow}} performed well with its techniques in battle. As a result, Mr. Big wanted to see Taillow in a Pokémon Contest. May corrected Mr. Big by saying that she was the one who is training for Contests. Mr. Big complemented her as well. He teaches May about Pokémon Contests and that the secret lied in Berries. He told May that mixing Berries formed [[Pokéblock]]s. Mr. Big gave her a {{DL|List of key items in Generation |III|Pokéblock Case}} as every {{pkmn|Coordinator}} was required to have one. After the lesson, the group go to Mr. Big's Berry building where May could make her own Pokéblocks.
As they arrived in the building, they find out that {{TP|May|Torchic}} just ate some freshly picked [[Bluk Berry|Bluk Berries]]. While Ash and his friends volunteered to look for some Bluk Berries, Mr. Big stayed behind. Later, after the group successfully got the Berries, they and Mr. Big went to the Carnival of Seven Nights. Mr. Big than began the carnival by signaling the beginning of the fireworks.