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The '''Steel type''' (Japanese: '''はがねタイプ''' ''Steel type'') is one of the eighteen [[type]]s. Notable Trainers who specialize in Steel-type Pokémon are [[Jasmine]] of [[Olivine City]]; [[Steven Stone]], {{pkmn|Champion}} of [[Hoenn]]; [[Byron]] of [[Canalave City]]; and [[Wikstrom]] of the [[Kalos]] [[Elite Four]]. Prior to [[Generation IV#Advances in gameplay|changes in Generation IV]], all damaging Steel-type moves were [[physical move|physical]], but they may now also be [[special move|special]] depending on the attack.
The Steel type was introduced in [[Generation II]]. As well as introducing new Pokémon with the Steel type, {{p|Magnemite}} and {{p|Magneton}} were changed to be dual-type {{t|Electric}}/Steel Pokémon.