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Intrigued, Ash scans Cinccino on his [[Pokédex]]. Moira is accompanied by two other girls, [[Mona]] and [[Cher]], who show off their {{p|Lilligant}} and {{p|Roserade}}, Lilligantette and Roserade-ette as the "second- and third-most elegant Pokémon," respectively. Ash scans the other two Pokémon on his Pokédex as well.
Moira explains that they came out here to get some fresh air to enhance Cinccino's beauty, but Iris's "ugly" Emolga soiled her beauty. This enrages Iris, who defends her Emolga. Moira then goes on to deem [[Ash's Snivy]] "uptight and pathetic," and concludes that every one of their Pokémon is "ugly and pathetic." Mona and Cher agree, and claim that they must leave so they don't catch the ugliness of Ash, Iris, and Cilan's Pokémon, and so the three walk off. Ash and Cilan are annoyed a little, but Iris is furious and chases after them.
Unfortunately, by the time Iris reaches the road, she is too late, as the three girls have already left in their tour bus. Iris is still determined to catch up to them, however, and the three head to the nearest town to track them down.