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Acro Bike
====Acro Bike====
[[File:Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Acro Bike.png|thumb|250px|Artwork of the Acro Bike from {{pkmn|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}]]
An '''Acro Bike''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|ダートじてんしゃ|Dāto Jitensha}}''' ''Dart BikeDirtbike'') travels at the same speed as regular Bicycles, but it also allows {{player}}s to perform tricks, such as wheelies and bunny hops, which let players reach special areas. It can also be used for traveling on white rails found on {{rt|119|Hoenn}} and in the [[Hoenn Safari Zone]].
Bunny hopping up and down on an Acro Bike in [[tall grass]] can cause [[wild Pokémon]] to appear, but does not count as steps towards the {{DL|Hoenn Safari Zone|Safari Game}} or [[Repel]].
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|jp={{tt|ダートじてんしゃ|Dāto Jitensha}}
|jpt=Dart BicycleDirtbike