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[[File:Colo Ferma.png|thumb|Ferma]]
'''Ferma''' (Japanese: '''スーラ''' ''Seurat'') is a {{tc|Miror B.Peon}}. In [[Pokémon Colosseum]], she is never seen without her partner [[Reath]]. They are first seen in a cinema sequence with Miror B., who exits and leaves the [[Miror B.'s Hideout|Pyrite BuildingBldg]] in their guard. [[Wes]] arrives at the building and defeats Reath, snagging her {{pkmn2|shadow}} {{p|Remoraid}} in the process; he then defeats Ferma and snags her {{p|Mantine}}, saving [[Silva]], who Reath and Ferma had been holding captive.
Ferma and Reath show up again in [[Pyrite Town]]'s jail, [[Folly]] and [[Trudly]] having moved to separate cells nearby. Wes gets the Jail Key and steals the Elevator Key from Reath, who is lying on the cell's bed, asleep.
Once Wes has beaten [[Evice]], all four prisoners escape. Ferma and Reath both flee to the room in [[Miror B.'s Hideout|Pyrite Cave]] where Miror B. is fought. They battle with Wes and then remain there.
Their actual status as members of [[Cipher]] is foggy; they may not know the entire plan, but only what Miror B. tells them.
===[[MirorPyrite B.'s HideoutBldg]]===
|color={{colo color}}
|location=MirorPyrite B.'s HideoutBldg
;[[MirorPyrite B.'s HideoutBldg]]
*Before battle:
:''"Were you hired by <sc>[[Duking]]</sc> as his bodyguards? Let me warn you, if you mess with us, you’d better be prepared for the consequences!"''