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Trivia: No it didn't. Ash clearly let Fletchinder out when Pikachu was taken to battle TR.
* This episode is similar to ''[[EP189|Freeze Frame]]'', which aired 695 episodes ago, where a friend of {{ashfr}} who likes to take photographs, is trying to take one of the [[Legendary Birds]]. The difference here is that {{p|Moltres}} is the featured member of the trio instead of {{p|Articuno}}.
* ''[[Mad-Paced Getter (single)|Kirakira]]'' is used as an insert song when {{Ash}}'s {{AP|Fletchinder}} evolves into a {{AP|Talonflame}}.
* Ash's {{AP|Talonflame}} remains outside of its [[Poké Ball]] for the entire episode.
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