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The '''Mobile Stadium''' (Japanese: '''モバイルスタジアム''' ''Mobile Stadium'') is a now inaccessible online service in the Japanese version of {{g|Stadium 2}} which allowed players to transfer data of timed mobile {{pkmn|battle}}s from the Japanese version of {{game|Crystal}} via the [[Transfer Pak]].
In Pokémon Crystal, the "Mobile Stadium"モバイルスタジアム entry appears on the [[main menu]] (which, in the unused English text, was misspelled as "MOBILE STUDIUM") and is accessible after connecting to the [[Pokémon Mobile System GB]] at least once. After transferring the battle data to Pokémon Stadium 2, it is converted into a video and rendered in full 3D graphics, being watchable via a similar feature in the game. The screen in Stadium 2 plays a rearrangement of the Mobile Center theme from Crystal ([ Stadium 2 theme], [ Crystal theme]), whereas the screen in Crystal simply keeps playing {{DL|Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection|Disc 3|''Title Screen (Pokémon Gold & Pokémon Silver)''}}.
The indirect successor to the Mobile Stadium is the [[Vs. Recorder]], introduced in {{game|Platinum}} and present in the [[core series]] games ever since, which uses the same concept but different means of operation.
This is avideo videofootage of a mobile {{pkmn|battle}} from the third match of a national cup tournament that was hosted in 2000, uploaded to Pokémon Stadium 2 via Mobile Stadium in Pokémon Crystal.
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