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Escalation Battle: IIRC, it's "Darkrai", not "Darkarai".
There were set rewards at various levels:
* Stage level 5 rewarded the player with 1,000 Coins (Giratina) / a Moves +5 (Cresselia)/ an Exp. Points x1.5 (DarkaraiDarkrai).
* Stage level 10 rewarded a Disruption Delay.
* Stage level 30 rewarded a Mega Start.
* Stage level 50 rewarded a Mega Speedup.
* Stage level 75 rewarded five hearts (DarkaraiDarkrai only).
* Stage level 100 rewarded a Mega Speedup.
* Stage level 200 rewarded a Mega Speedup (Cresselia and DarkaraiDarkrai).
At stage level 50, the stage's music changes to a unique song that has so far only been used in escalation battles.
The Cresselia difficulty escalations are similar to the Giratina ones, however instead of blocks, Cresselia's disruptions are mainly Barrier-type ones. Levels 35, 55, 75, 95, 120, 140, 160 and 180 are exceptions, with the stages being full of coins, as well as Cresselia using coin-type disruptions. Additionally, stage levels 50, 100 and 200 are diferent from all other stage levels, and they are signifigantly more challenging than the other stage levels, with barriers in the stage layout and {{tt|{{p|Solosis}}, {{p|Duosion}}, {{p|Reuniclus}}, {{p|Espurr}}, or male {{p|Meowstic}} appearing as a disruption.|The Pokémon appeared in this order based on a player's chosen supports; if Solosis was in the supports and Duosion was not, Duosion would appear}}. DarkaraiDarkrai tends to use unbreakable-blocks or copies of itself as disruptions, and is more challenging in a similar way at stage levels 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200.