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These select glitches involve having the cursor be white on the Pokémon screen. They cannot be performed by opening the Pokémon screen via the start menu, but can be performed by opening the Pokémon menu either through battle or a text box that brings it up (i.e. by talking to the [[Pokémon Day Care|Day Care man]], talking to a [[List of in-game trades|trade NPC]], or by talking to the [[Name Rater]]).
Examples include: dokokashira door glitch (Pokémon 2->Pokémon 1, or #No. of Pokémon +1->Pokémon 1*), [[second type glitch]] (item 13->any Pokémon), [[fossil conversion glitch]] (Pokémon 32->any Pokémon), item creation glitch (Pokémon 14->any Pokémon), etc.
(*): Note that though for the dokokashira door glitch swapping [number of Pokémon in the party +1] with the first Pokémon also 'works', the warping effects may not occur with more Pokémon, due to the game finding an FF terminator before decreasing the [[List of locations by index number (Generation I)|map destination ID]], even though the effect of [[Professor Oak]] being outside of his lab can occur with six Pokémon. Additionally, the dokokashira door glitch does not work if the player has deposited party Pokémon before.
===Swapping moves===