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Hoopa and the Clash of Ages: Rayquaza did go both ways in the movie. And Hoopa did summon a flood of Pikachu in the beginning. I seem to have trouble making the box size match with the rest.
! {{InactivePoké|Hoopa|Latias|380Latias-Mega.png|dragon|psychic|size=100px|link=no|nick=Latias ↔ Mega Latias}} ♀
! {{InactivePoké|Hoopa|Lugia|249Lugia.png|psychic|flying|size=100px|link=no}}
! {{InactivePoké|Hoopa|Rayquaza|384Rayquaza-Mega-Shiny XY anime.png|dragon|flying|size=100px|link=no|nick=<!--Rayquaza ↔ -->Mega Rayquaza}} [[File:ShinyVIStar.png|link=Shiny Pokémon]]
[[File:ShinyVIStar.png|link=Shiny Pokémon]]
! {{InactivePoké|Hoopa|Pikachu|025Pikachu.png|Electric|Electric|size=100px|link=no|nick=Pikachu (Multiple)}}